Signs You May Need a New Water Heater

Some signs you may need a new water heater

A hot water heater is a must in homes and properties. You use hot water for showers, cooking and washing your kitchen dishes. Below are a few signs you may need a new water heater~

Do you have an older unit?

If you have an older water heater or don't know exactly how old it is, you can look for the serial number on the sticker near the top of the unit. Usually the first two numbers represent the year however many stickers are different and you should always check the maker's website for accuracy.

Do you have rusty water?

Do you notice rust in your water? Chances are if you see rust you have rust inside your unit and more than likely it's going to start leaking soon.

There are instructions on the internet on how to see if the water is rusty or not if you just simply cannot tell.

Are you always running out of hot water?

Are you running out of hot water when you shower or want a long hot bath and cannot seem to fill the bathtub? One of the biggest signs that you need a new hot water heater is running out of hot water; especially when you need it. Many times sediment builds up which separates water from heat sources and takes up additional space.

Does your water heater make noise?

As your hot water heater gets older, the sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank; it's then heated and reheated and on down the road it hardens. You need to start looking for leaks soon if you are indeed hearing banging and rumbling from your heater; chances are you have some cracks or the beginning of some cracks.

Do you notice water or dampness around your unit?

If you are noticing water or some leaking around your unit, chances are it's already hit the point of no return. Your best bet is to go ahead and now and start looking for a new unit. Don't wait until it's too late and it leaks all over your space or area in which it resides. signs you may need a new water heater

There are signs you may need a new hot water heater, you just need to take the time to check yours and look for signs. It will save you money and alot of frustration in the long haul

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