Adjusting your Hot Water Heater

Adjusting your hot water heater

Safety experts usually recommend the setting of a hot water heater to 120 degrees F. Finding the right setting on your hot water heater isn't as easy as you think. Many hot water heater dials are labeled with numbers for convenience. If the sticker on the hot water heater doesn't tell you how to set the temperature and for some reason you don't have a manual, there are certain things you can do to check it and try and set it.

Try running hot water at the faucet closest to the hot water heater for at least 3 full minutes. Fill a bottle or glass and then check the temperature. If the water is hotter than 120 degrees, adjust the dial and wait for at least 4 hours and check again. Repeat these steps until you get a temperature that you are wanting. Make sure to check the water before a shower is taken so no one gets a scalding hot shower.Adjusting your hot water heater

Once you get your hot water heater to the temperature that you want and is comfortable for the family, mark the dial so that you can adjust moving forward and for the convenience of other's possibly adjusting it as well.

We will address additional hot water heater issues in other blog posts but wanted to focus on adjusting your hot water heater in this one; especially if you enjoy a warm steamy shower.

You can always read more about adjusting your hot water heater - click here and find out ways to save money and be energy efficient as well!

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